Sa Foradada

Located 4 miles from Port of Sóller, this particular cape with a hole in its upper part gives rise to one of the most beautiful dives in the entire Serra de Tramuntana.

We anchor on the south face, about 10 meters deep, and start diving heading northwest. Heading towards the north face and gradually gaining depth, we find large blocks and curious rock formations, which are home to octopuses, moray eels, conger eels and groupers, and between these blocks we find a large meadow of posidonia oceanica, a place where schools of salps and a multitude of small fish live.

Cova del Cap Gros

Located above the Cap Gros. It is one of the best areas in the northern part of Mallorca for diving.

The mooring is located almost on the cliff wall where the bottom is about 9/10m deep, which allows a simple and controlled descent with visual reference. Once the descent is made, a range of dives of different levels opens up.

The great wall allows a dive towards the port where the maximum depth can be 18m and where the entrance to the cave is located. there the backlights between the darkness of the cave and the sun's rays create bluish colors that are difficult to forget.

For more advanced levels, the wall drops to 27m where you can visit an old large anchor petrified with the seabed. The large amount of life does the rest to complete some of the best dives in Mallorca